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How to use FollowerJet

👉Welcome to FollowerJET Family

Are you excited to learn how to use FollowerJET? We've had made it very easy & simple for you to understand. This guide will show you exactly how to use FollowerJET for the first time. We'll answer all your questions and guide you with easy steps, pictures, and videos. Let's get started on this journey to make your social media shine!

Topics We'll Explore in this Post

  1. How to Sign up on our website?
  2. Get access to our dashboard and pricing information.
  3. How to add funds to FollowerJET?
  4. How to Place your first order?
  5. How to track your order status?
  6. How to contact us in case of urgent help?

How to Sign up on our website?

Step 1:- Signup on FollowerJET to get started.

"Discover the potential of FollowerJet SMM Panel by simply providing your email address and name. Get started today!"

  1. Simply Enter Your Email
  2. Choose Strong Passwords.
  3. Press on signup button.

As shown in below image

Concerned about Safety? Rest Assured!

At FollowerJet, your security is paramount. We guarantee that signing up on FollowerJet is absolutely risk-free. We uphold your privacy with the utmost care — no sensitive data is collected. Your peace of mind is our priority: no credit card details are needed; only your email and name are collected. Be confident that we will never inundate your inbox with promotional messages. Your passwords are safe with one-way encryption, aligning seamlessly with the stringent standards set by GDPR and the Indian IT ACT 2000.

Step 2:- Login to your account
  1. Simply Enter Your Email
  2. Enter Passwords you used in last step.
  3. Press on Login button.
Step 3:- Selection of service

Once you Login You will redirected to New Order Page as shown in below Image from this Page you can select the service which you wanna order so you can get idea how much funds you should add in next step.

  1. Select the Category
  2. What is category means? Well we have Grouped all our services under different different Category based on common character such as social media platforms, Guarantee & type of Service etc.

  3. Select the Service
  4. Why where are so many services for same kind of service ?? FollowerJet Smm Panel has added numbers of services to meet all your needed, the service is Price according to Quality, Guarantee, & Speed of delivery. Select The service as per your Needs.

Step 4:- Add Funds

You can use free services without need of adding any funds. But for other paid servies you will need to add funds to your FollowerJET Wallet , The fund Add here shall stay in your FollowerJET Account unless you order something and that order get completed.

  1. What is FollowerJET Wallet?
  2. It is basically your digital wallet, which shall be used for all transaction on FollowerJET such as placing order & Refund for partial orders. For placing the orders you need to first add money in wallet then you can use this money for placing the order.

How to add fund on FollowerJET

To add funds you have Many Options Such as Paytm, PayPal, & Crypto Currency. In case you need to add funds via any other payment method let us know by messaging on our whatsapp number or by raising tickets

  1. Go to ADD FUNDS
  2. Choose appropriate payment method
  3. Enter the amount you wanna add
  4. You will be redirected to our payment partner's site to complete the transaction.

We accept payments through popular and widely-used payment gateways such as PayPal, Paytm, PayUmoney, and CCAvenue. Rest assured, you won't need to provide us with any details bank or card details. Your payment will be processed securely through these payment gateways, ensuring the highest level of safety and privacy.

Step 5:- Place Order

Once you have added the funds in your followerJet wallet now its time to order the service.In order to place the order you need to go to new order page. Just follow this steps to place order.

  • Go to New Order
  • mordern-smm-panel-new-order-page
  • Select the Category
  • Select the Service
  • Please choose the appropriate service. Take the time to thoroughly read the service descriptions, as we've provided comprehensive details for each service. Allocate some time to select the perfect service that aligns with your requirements and budget. Our range of services is designed to offer the best value for your money, ensuring 100% satisfaction.

  • Enter Link
  • Using the right link is most important! Every service needs a different link – For some you need to put your profile link, while some want a post link. Pay close attention here, as this step matters a lot.
    > If you order followers/subscribers, use your Page or Profile link where you want the followers.
    > If you order likes/Views/Tweet/share for a post, use the link of that post.
    Remember, if you put the wrong link, the order will be marked as done, and we can't give refunds in such cases. So, take care while entering Link!
    "If you're confused, don't hesitate to contact us!"

  • Enter Quantity
  • Put the Quantity of follower/like you need the final amount which shall be deducted from your FollowerJET Wallet depends on this Quantity.

  • Press Place Order
  • Once you followed all this steps then you do not to worry about anything our system shall complete your within 24/48 hrs. (In rare case it may take longer as speed depend on service )

    Step 6:- Track your order status

    You can track your order via Order History


    "Still in need of assistance? Feel free to message us. We have a dedicated team ready to answer all your questions!"