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FollowerJET is one of the best SMM PANEL in india from where you can boost your all social media accounts. FollowerJET provide you with an platform to instantly Gain lots of followers, likes, & Views at very reasonable price smm panels.

In this Post we shall teach you how to start using FollowerJET for the first time,We shall answer following questions. We will explain everything steps-by-steps with Picture & Video.

How to signup on followerJET Panel.

How to login

How to add fund

How to Place your first order with followerJET.

Step 1:- Signup on FollowerJET to get started.

You just need your email address & Name to signup on followerjet smm panel.

Go to SIGNUP page

Simply Enter Your Email and Choose Strong Passwords.

FollowerJET – Signup Page

Why you have to signup on FollowerJet panel??

You have to signup on followerJET so that you can handle all your orders and track the live status of your order at one place as followerjet smm panel gives you an professional dishoard. Once to login you will able to order your services easily.

Is Signup on FollowerJet is safe?

Yes signup on followerJET is 100% Safe , As you donot need to give any card information, FJET donot ask for any personal information rather then just email and name. At followerJET all passwords are encrypted as you signup with one way encryption which is recommended by GDPR & Indian IT ACT 2000.

We even follow strong password requirements. So be ensured you are safe.

Step 2:- Login to your account

FollowerJET – Login Page

Simply Enter Your Email id which you used to signup on FollowerJET

Enter Your password which you used in previous steps

Step 3:- Selection of service

Once you Login You will redirected to New Order Page as shown in below Image from this Page you can select the service which you wanna order so you can get idea how much funds you should add.

a). Select the Category

What is this category smm panel ? Well panel have Grouped all our services under different different Category based on common character such as social media platforms, Guarantee & type of Service etc.

b). Select the Service

Why where are so many services for same kind of service ?? FollowerJet Smm Panel has added numbers of services to meet all your needed, the service is Price according to Quality, Guarantee, & Speed of delivery. Select The service as per your Needs.

Once you login you will see following screen.

FollowerJET – New Order Page

Step 3:- Add Funds

Before You can place an order on followerJET you will need to add funds to your FollowerJET Wallet , The fund Add here shall stay in your FollowerJET Account unless you order something and that order get completed.

What is FollowerJET Wallet?

It is basically your digital wallet, which shall be used for all transaction on FollowerJET such as placing order & Refund for partial orders. For placing the orders you need to first add money in wallet then you can use this money for placing the order.

How to add fund on FollowerJET

To add funds you have Many Options Such as Paytm, PayPal, & Crypto Currency.

To add fund go to ADD FUNDS page

Here You will see Lots of option for Adding funds, You can use any in this Blog i shall explain how to add funds to followerJet smm panel using paytm.

Steps to add funds with Paytm in FollowerJET Smm Panel

Step1:- Select the Paytm QR from dropdown menu.

Step 2:- Scan the given code & Pay on the code amount you wanna add.

Step 3:- Once you have paid the amount you need to enter the Transaction id/order Id and Amount you paid in amount column and then press check our system shall check the payment made by you automatically and funds shall be added to your account

You can even try with as low as 1rs.

Step 4:- Place Order

Once you have added the funds in your followerJet wallet now its time to order the service.

In order to place the order you need to go to new order page. Just follow this steps to place order.

Step a)Select the Category and Service

step b) Put Link & Quantity

Here it shall be noted that Link for all service is different some may need your profile link and some may need post link. so Pay much attention in this step as this is most important.

In general, You need to put Page/Profile link in where You need Followers.

In case you need likes on any of your social media platform then in such case you need to put the link of that Particular Post.

Incase if you putten incorrect link system shall mark the order completed and we will not able to provide anykind of Refund in such case.

Step c) Put the Quantity of follower/like you need the final amount which shall be deducted from your FollowerJET Wallet depends on this Quantity. And now Press Place order.

Once you followed all this steps then you do not to worry about anything our system shall complete your within 24/48 hrs. (In rare case it may take longer as speed depend on service )

In case any help need feel free to contact our support they are avaiable 24/7 at our whatsapp and Tickets .

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